There’s an old family tradition passed down from generation to generation: if you say “Rabbit Rabbit” first thing at the beginning of the month, good luck will follow you. We’ve heard of a few variations in repetition and phrasing, but the idea is always the same!

The store began it’s current incarnation in July of 2015, when it was purchased by the current owner, Sarah Lane. Previous to being Rabbit Rabbit, the store was called Baksheesh and owned by Candi Horton and Brian Smucker for nine years.

Our mission is to offer steady employment to artisans in developing countries around the globe. We choose to purchase from vendors who are current members of the Fair Trade Federation, which means that every product in our store has been handmade by a craftsperson earning a living wage, working in safe conditions.

Each item we sell has a story behind it, and we’re always happy to share them!