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About Fair Trade
   Fair trade companies and organizations offer consumers a wide variety of great products, and the knowledge that their purchases help others help themselves.
   The focus of fair trade is on collaboration instead of competition, and the end goal is to assist artisans worldwide in earning a living with dignity and hope.

The Nine Basic Principles of Fair TradeIMG 5971
1.   Create Opportunities
2.   Transparency
3.   Long-Term Partnerships
4.   Promote Fair Trade
5.   Fair Wages
6.   Safe Working Conditions
7.   Ensure the Rights of Children
8.   Environmental Responsibility
9.   Respect Cultural Identity

There are two primary independent fair trade membership organizations for the kind of items sold by Rabbit Rabbit. Both groups have strong codes of ethics and rigorous standards for membership.

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The Fair Trade Federation of North American is comprised of fair trade retailers and wholesalers.


The World Fair Trade Organization, WFTO, consists of fair trade artisan groups and fair trade importers around the world.


Fair Trade:
Good value for you, great gifts for your friends,
fair pay for third world artisans!

If you'd like to learn more about fair trade and its nine basic principles, please click here!